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LOVE in Motion is a volunteer-led 501c3 nonprofit that is dedicated to provide tangible appreciation that are designed to honor, motivate and help retain some of our community's most valuable commodities: teachers, healthcare providers, first responders and postal workers.

Harvard Business has concluded that appreciation is the single-highest driver for employee engagement. Therefore, these appreciation efforts are more effective than we might initially believe. It is a comprehensive package that includes volunteerism opportunities + increased morale + engaged employees + improved physical/mental health (for both practitioners & recipients) = a thriving community.


Most of us understand the critical importance of these professionals and value their contributions. But other than thanking our own children’s teachers and perhaps thanking a first responder if we happen to need one, there is no established vehicle to help us express gratitude. That is where LOVE in Motion comes into play. 

Below are pictures of what it looks like to live LOVE for the overall good of our city. 



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get involved.

LOVE in motion believes that we're better together so here are different ways for you to get involved. 

Option Uno:

If appreciating our community's most valuble commodities is your thing, commit to make a financial contribution that will help fund ongoing appreciation projects. Click here to give now. (most pressing need)   

Option Dos:

Does your team know that they are of value to your business?  Clinical evidence proves that appreciation has the power to increase productivity by 43%! Create a culture of appreciation and witness the power of how it will benefit your organization. We're 

professionals who know how do it the right way while letting you focus on what you do best. Click here for pricing to coordinate a customized appreciation project for your group. 

Option Tres:

Do you CSR? Now, more than ever, consumers want to support businesses that not only offer a great product/service but who also care about their community. This is why corporate social responsibility is what distinguishes businesses from great businesses. Contact us and our team will come to your location to lead an event where your staff, team or organization can give back to our community via our "live LOVE Projects that directly benefit healthcare providers, teachers, police and firefighters. For pricing, scheduling and details, click here

Option Cuatro:

Volunteer virtually from the comfort of wherever. This is a family-friendly activity that benefits our community's amazing teachers, healthcare providers, police and firefighters. To receive participation details, click here.   

Option Cinco:

Do you know of a well-deserving school, hospital, police or fire station that would be encouraged by a dose of appreciation gifts? Sure you do! Shine the spotlight on their efforts by nominating them. Simply, click here and we'll deliver on your behalf.

What We Appreciate APPRECIATES


Enter recurring donation amount

Enter recurring donation amount

Enter recurring donation amount


LOVE in Motion

2546 Elm St. #200

Dallas, TX 75226






Because LOVE in motion believes in community and making and making a difference in our city; we provide different ways for you to connect. 

Option Uno:

Volunteer at our recurring "live LOVE Appreciation Projects which occur the 4th Saturday of each month from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM at our offices in Deep Ellum.   

Option Dos:

Our space is available for you to rent for all sorts of events like launch parties, birthdays, team meetings and lectures. Best part about it - proceeds are reinvested to fund even more "live LOVE Projects." If you want more details, fill out the fancy form below and we'll connect with you soon. 

Option Tres:

Bring your staff, organization or friends  (5, 50 or more) and give back to our community as you team build. You'll prepare and pack appreciation gifts for teachers, police and firefighters. Contact us for pricing, scheduling and details.

Option Cuatro:

Provide tax-deductible in-kind donations (koozies, pens, snacks, coupons, sunglasses etc.) to be included in our monthly "live LOVE Gifts". 

Do Good Feel Good live LOVE


LOVE in Motion's work is recurring and that is why becoming a sustaining financial partner is one of the most effective ways for you to participate. See options below:

Bronze Heart

$20 per month sponsors 60 appreciation gifts per year.

Silver Heart 

$40 per month sponsors 120 appreciation gifts per year.

Gold Heart 

$60 per month sponsors 180 appreciation gifts per year.

Platinum Heart

$100 per month sponsors 300 appreciation gifts per year.

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Help appreciate society's most valuable commodities: healthcare providers, teachers & first responders. Give today! 

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sustaining members. 

This distinguished group of generous members exemplifies what collective leadership is able to accomplish for the overall good of our communities. These organizations are an intricate part of our mission: to appreciate, honor, motivate and help retain society's most valuble commodities: first responders, healthcare providers and educators.


Platinum Level Members

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Gold Level Members

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